Is Music Helpful or Distracting While Doing Homework?

I love music and listen to it whenever I can. Whenever I’m cleaning the house or hanging out at home by myself, I always get the music going. When I know that I’ll be doing a tough workout, the thing that gets me through it and that I look forward to most is always my playlist. In fact, when I have a few new songs that I love, I usually want to work out just so I can listen to them while doing so. Unfortunately, while music can be relaxing, it can also be a distraction. When doing homework, especially when trying to read something, songs with words tend to keep me from fully absorbing whatever I’m trying to read. Since I hate complete silence when I’m working (I find the silence actually distracting), my go-to option is usually some low-key electronic music. Homework with a soundtrack is definitely more exciting than homework in silence.