Must Go Faster

Sometimes going too slowly is a bad thing. For some reason, I keep getting bogged down in details this week. Normally I do all the reading, answer the questions, follow up on any problem areas and move on but lately, I think my increased tax knowledge has me asking all sorts of what-ifs. It seems like every time I run into something new, I want to know every detail of how it might apply to a variety of situations. While this can be a good thing at times, you eventually have to get your ROS (Return on Studying) back in check. While it might be somewhat entertaining for me to research weird edge cases and find answers to some of my weirder questions, sometimes I go a bit too far. Going forward, I plan to stay as on topic as often as possible and only veer off the path that has been laid out for me when necessary or when there is extra time. Time to get back to basics!