One Way to Gain an Edge on National Tax Firms

“I know you’re a tax preparer, but I file [insert special tax situation], do you know how to prepare taxes for someone like me?”

This question is bound to happen as a tax preparer. While you know that your tax training (hopefully) covered their specific situation and that you can most likely help them, what they’re looking for is reassurance. Once you sit the client down, review their specific information and go over the preparation process, reassurance likely happens. But wouldn’t it be an easier sell if you were known for preparing taxes for people with their specific situation?

The national tax firms have to be everything to everybody because of the sheer volume they need to do to turn a profit. Becoming a specialist in a specific area of tax is one way to gain an edge over a national tax firm.

Finding a niche market like retiree taxes, hospitality, military, C-Corp, etc. and then focusing your marketing efforts on there, can help growth tremendously. Rather than marketing to a wide audience, focus on one specific niche and push for referrals. There’s a lot of trust involved between a tax preparer and a client as you are dealing with their financial life. Wouldn’t you rather go to the tax preparer who specializes in your specific tax situation and who was recommended by a friend?

But what should you specialize in?

Something you enjoy

Is there a specific area of tax law or type of tax form that you enjoy over another? Educate yourself further in that area through CE courses and then set your sights to market to that population of people.

Look to the community

Is there a specific need in the community that has not been met? Consider where your office is. What is the business landscape around you? How about the population? Are there a lot of retirees? A lot of schools? Is there a large military presence? Look for a need in the community that has not been met and set your focus there.

Look at your existing clients

If you already have a good roster of clients consider who they are and how they file. If you see a trend, perhaps you should focus on gaining more clients like them. More importantly, you should ask them for referrals.

For tax firms with multiple tax preparers

If you are a tax business owner and have a staff of tax preparers, take a look at the client roster and look for trends. Is there a specific type of client your business tends to attract? Does one preparer seem to have a lot of one type of client? Seek out your specializations and market your firm accordingly.

Are you a tax specialist? We’d love to hear how specialization has helped you grow.

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