Pens and Pencils

Don’t use a pen when doing your tax homework. DON’T USE A PEN.  There is just never a good reason to risk the heartache involved in using a pen.  Get home from work late only to realize that your mechanical pencil is out of lead and there is no more in the house?  Go to the store and get some more lead but DO NOT USE A PEN for your assignment. Accidentally took your favorite pencil to work and left it there by mistake only to find that it was the only pencil in your house?  Then it’s time to head back to work or go to the store to get a new one.  I may seem a bit aggressive on this topic but when you are doing tax returns by hand, mistakes are going to happen.  If you grab the wrong number or accidentally put something on the wrong line, an eraser will get you out of that jam quickly. Not only will those kinds of things happen but they are likely to happen multiple times over multiple forms and it doesn’t take long for your tax returns to look like they’ve seen better days when you’re using a pen. Pens have their place, but it’s not on your tax homework.