Prompt Replies to a Couple of Issues

As I completed Chapters 9 and 10 I ran into a couple of issues that slowed me down a bit.  Chapter 9 had an example problem that was done differently than in the test solutions. A quick e-mail out to an instructor to let them know about this was replied to quickly as usual and is currently in the process of being fixed.   Chapter 10 had an answer with a transposition error which I will send out an e-mail about tonight.  Sometimes when you’re working on problems and as you get better at preparing tax returns, I think that it is easier to catch mistakes in the learning activities.  In the first course, I would usually just hit a wall on those and need to ask for help right off the bat or double check the updates and corrections threads, but now I usually have enough confidence in my answers to know when my solution may not be the problem.  Other than that, the course has gone smoothly and I will be providing more details on my overall thoughts about the course in a separate post.