Why Saying ‘No Problem’ is a Problem

hands-sign-okay-smallWe’ve been covering customer service and the customer experience the last couple of months because it’s tax season and operating a tax business has a lot more to do with customer service and relationship building than most people would think.  Sure, you’ve got to be good at the services you provide, but like we said in our blog about generating word of mouth – creating raving fans is what will ultimately help your business grow.

Being customer service driven is something that really comes down to paying attention to the little things. There is one “little thing” I’d like to address in today’s post that really makes a HUGE impact: The overuse of the phrase “No problem”. When someone thanks you for your service or for helping them and you respond with “no problem” you may be sending the wrong kind of message.

“No problem” implies that there could have been a problem and at some point it could become a problem. Rather than receiving that person’s gratitude, you are actually negating it. “No problem”, while used a lot in professional settings is actually a very casual phrase.  Ask any etiquette or grammar expert and they’ll tell you that the phrase no problem is a no-no.

My pleasure and you’re welcome reflect a certain humility on the part of the person being thanked and speak volumes to the person you are thanking.  Think about it. Don’t you feel better when someone says “My pleasure”?  It elicits more emotion than “No problem”  – or worse “No prob”!

Saying “My Pleasure” at the end of a great customer service moment is like putting a beautiful ribbon on a beautiful package.  It just seals it perfectly.  What do you think? Leave a comment!