Spending Time to Save Time

I can almost say that without exception, every time I rushed through the reading in a chapter and attempted quizzes, learning activities, or review questions, I ran into problems.  It also seemed to be, without exception, that these problems could have been easily prevented had I slowed down and read with purpose instead just to get it done.  I’ve had some busy weeks and there were definitely times where I just wanted to be able to check off a chapter as done and it cost me.  There’s a difference between reading the literal words on a page and actually comprehending the words on that page.  Have you ever read a page of an article or textbook only to look up and realize that your mind was elsewhere and that you didn’t even remember what you read?  That’s not good and usually happens when there are distractions or you’re in a hurry.  Either way, I found that it’s best to just wait for a time when you’re ready to focus because you’ll spend less timing doing it (since you won’t have to keep re-reading) and you’ll spend less time on your homework.  I’ve discussed this in a <previous post> but it’s so important and so easily missed that it’s worth repeating. Do it right the first time and save yourself the unnecessary struggle.