Still Going

I have completed all of the questions and learning activities for chapters 4 & 5 and will be catching up on some publication reading before taking the final. Even though the course covers all of the relevant information for the tests in the course reading materials, I still want to finish reading all the publications since being familiar with where all the information is in those will be helpful in the future. As I move through the course, I will always keep my ultimate goal in mind and that includes more than just getting As on the tests. If all goes as planned I will complete the final this weekend.   My study regimen still seems to be working as intended, except that I have started saving certain informational pages from the course that I refer to often.  When I get to actual tax preparation, the software will handle a lot of what I’m doing manually now, so I shouldn’t need those reference pages as much then, but for now it helps to not have to jump back in the textbook to check the same chart multiple times as I complete my assignments.  Other than that, all is well and I will be moving on to the second module early next week.