Striving for Quality of Time over Quantity of Time

It’s apparently a bad idea to attempt a quiz while a seven year old is running around and vying for your attention every couple of minutes.  It’s unfortunate that I followed through with this plan and missed something that I could have easily caught if I had given it my full attention.  Admittedly, it wasn’t entirely my daughter’s fault as I had been working on tax homework for a few hours by that point and had told her multiple times that I needed just 30 more minutes. However, instead of actually taking a break and coming back to it later, I decided to squeeze in one last quiz.  I love finishing things and it seemed like the perfect note to leave things on at the time.  Even though it’s kind of unpleasant missing questions you know you could have and should have gotten correct, it’s also a good reminder to focus on quality of time rather than quantity of time. A focused hour or two is better than a rushed and distracted 4 hours.  I get more done that way and don’t make stupid mistakes on quizzes.