Study Method Change

After completing Chapter 1 of the Advanced Course, I’ve decided that I will go back to a more traditional study method. The Comprehensive Course was long enough that there were times where I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere. Between the extra reading assignments, learning activities, and quizzes it sometimes felt like I was spending far too much time on each chapter. This led me to a method where I would read straight through several chapters, go back and do learning activities and reviews questions, and then enter answers online at a later date. The Advanced Course however is half the size of the Comprehensive one so my progress doesn’t feel quite as sluggish. With just one module down, I only have nine left to go and therefore feel like the traditional approach of completing one chapter at time is the way to go. The reduced length also means that I will be less likely to need as much review of older topics as I did for the Comprehensive Course.