Summer Book Review – No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land by Doug Tatum is a truly unique book for entrepreneurs with established high-growth businesses who attempt to cross the hazardous chasm necessary to grow to the next level and survive.  These are typically high-growth businesses with 20 to 100 employees and revenue of less than $5 million. The pitfalls of crossing “No Man’s Land” result in failure to attain the next level by 95% of emerging growth businesses that attempt this journey.  Many go out of business along the way.  Only a small fraction become “Gazelles” and emerge as “business breakouts.”

Tatum dissects the reasons for failure, dispels common myths and provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs who are willing to be guided by his wisdom to successfully navigate the treacherous chasm of No Man’s Land.  He knows how survive this journey because he has lived through it himself.  This is one of the most relevant, insightful and invaluable books for entrepreneurs that I have ever read!