Surgent Income Tax School Now Offers Digital Badging

Exciting news! Surgent Income Tax School now offers digital badges for some of our key programs, through Credly, a market leader in the digital credentialing space!

A Free, Shareable Way to Market Your Skills

Surgent Income Tax School’s core tax training programs provide you with the skills and knowledge to grow professionally. Graduates of our Comprehensive Tax Course and Chartered Tax Certificate Programs can now claim a digital badge, at no additional cost!

What Exactly is a Digital Badge?

  • A digital badge is an image that represents knowledge, experience or a competency you now have.
  • Viewers can click on your digital badge and will be taken back to the Credly website where they can get details about your skills and abilities.
  • Digital badges represent achievements valued by employers.
  • You can share your complete Credly profile to provide an employer with the full context of your abilities.

What’s Great About Digital Badges? They Provide…

  • A secure, online version of your credential(s)
  • An overview of what it took to earn your credential(s)
  • An overview of the skills gained while earning your credential(s)
  • The badges can be shared on social media sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • The badges can also be embedded into email signatures and resumes
  • Access to Credly labor market insights (LMI) that relate your skills to available jobs – showing you real job openings that are looking for your exact skills
  • A trusted method for employers, customers, and clients to verify your credential(s)

All of this helps you get and keep the job you want, and advance your career!