Tax Preparation is a Perfect Option for Gig Workers

Maybe you’re a gig worker and don’t even know it! In case you’re not familiar, a gig worker is someone who takes hourly or part-time jobs doing anything and everything from catering, to delivery driver, to marketing, to technology, to construction, among so many other trades – including tax preparation! Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a gig as a job usually for a specified time.

Some of the benefits of being a gig worker include:

  • Flexibility: Gig jobs tend to be a little less structured, which often means you can work when, and even where you want.
  • Variety: The flexibility in these types of jobs enables you to have some diversity in what you do. Meaning you may be able to hop around between several different assignments, which definitely helps to keep things interesting!
  • Independence: Gig workers often feel a sense of independence because of the ability to make your own schedule, you don’t usually have to answer to someone on a daily basis, and the jobs often have an end in sight.

While tax preparation can definitely be a full-time, year-round career — for many people, it starts as a part-time, seasonal job. Tax preparation is known for having flexible schedules, as well as flexibility to do the job just about anywhere. There’s also a lot of variety when you work as a tax preparer. Every tax client’s situation is unique. So, there is plenty to learn about and it never gets old! Plus, you get to meet so many different people. And lastly, many tax preparers decide to go out on their own and work independently. This means you can really pick and choose everything about who you serve, when you work, and more!

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