Tax Preparation is Best Learned from Experience

Throughout this course, one of the things that I’ve really appreciated is the way the questions and answers are handled for all the learning activities. Since for many of us, this is a self-study course, it’s always nice to be given an opportunity to find mistakes on our own. The way the answers are laid out, you will very rarely get through the entirety of the problem with wrong answers. Eventually, you will hit a wall and have to go back and re-examine your work. This layout has given me many opportunities to go back and think about a return I prepared instead of just blazing through with wrong answers and failing. Unfortunately, when it comes to tax returns, one mistake will make everything else fall apart and while it’s important to avoid those mistakes, it’s even more important in a learning environment to be able to learn from them. Now is the time for the mistakes happen so that we can ask questions and be that much more prepared come tax time.