Get More Done During Tax Season with Technology

Staying on the cutting edge is important. It lets your clients know you’re paying attention to current trends and it helps you get more done! In preparation for tax season, we’ve rounded up these great technology tools that may help you stay organized and get more done.

Project Management Software tech-tools

Getting your business ready for tax season is a big task. Between marketing, staffing, scheduling, and planning there’s a lot to do. Don’t use e-mail to manage your tasks your team’s tasks. Spreadsheets are better than email but there’s still the need to email the updated spreadsheet back and forth, which is not ideal when it comes to collaboration. 

There are lots of great project management tools that are simple, inexpensive, and available online and on mobile devices that will allow you to list, categorize, prioritize, and share your open action items. Here are some to check out:

Wordpress Website Plugins

Is your website effectively turning visitors into customers? If you use Wordpress, there are a lot of “plugins” you can set-up to improve your website. What is a plugin? It’s a feature that has been developed by an outside developer that helps improve the function of your website. Here are some you should check out:

  • All In One SEO Pack helps you improve your website’s SEO so that you show up in searches.
  • AddToAny Share Button allows anyone to share your blog posts on social media sites.
  • Better Feedburner Widget allows people to sign-up for your email list (Mailchimp also has a plugin for that if you use Mailchimp for email).

There are thousands of Wordpress plugins in the directory designed to help make your website more user friendly. Take some time to browse through it to see what suits you!

Social Media Management tools

Social media is a necessity if you want to compete and get in front of taxpayers this coming season. It can, however, be time consuming if you don’t have the right tools. There are lots of social media management tools out there that will let you create dashboards with all of your channels so that you can plan, schedule, monitor and engage all in one place. Here are a few to check out.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool to collaborate and plan with team members. Google Drive allows you to store files, create documents, and edit as a team in real time. It’s great for planning and writing blog posts, creating editorial calendars or storing administrative files.

Amazon Echo

Why not add an element of “cool” to the office? The Amazon Echo not only provides a great sound with options to stream Pandora, Spotify, or other stations, it can control lights, switches, and thermostats, tell you the weather, sports scores, and a host of other cool things.


Keep these great tech tools on your radar to look into before tax season and feel free to share with us your favorite productivity and organizational tools.