The Holidays Are Over!

As much as I enjoyed the holiday season and the short work weeks, everything is definitely back into full swing again.  Especially for those of us interested in doing taxes.  Unfortunately, some unexpected obligations that have come up for me mean that I won’t be able to work on the experience requirement for the CTP® this year, but I look forward to jumping into next tax season.  After checking with The Income Tax School, I will be able to get the designation once I complete the experience requirement, but that requirement does not have to be met during my time in the course.   This might make it a longer process in terms of getting the actual Chartered Tax Professional designation but I feel like this program has given me the review I was looking for and will continue to cover areas that I am less familiar with as well.  Also, as a non-tax professional, the CTP® will be a great addition to my resume but can wait while I catch up on experience. It’s really great that this program has an experience requirement to get the designation though because taxes are an area where there isn’t a good way to make up for a lack of experience.  Until you get out there and start doing it, you won’t really ever be comfortable with all the client interaction tax preparation involves. While the knowledge is important, the ability to be comfortable communicating with clients on tax topics is something that will have to come from practice.