The Income Tax School Approved for Oregon Tax Preparers

Richmond, VA – October 15, 2008 – The  Income Tax School (ITS) has become licensed as a private career school by the Oregon Department of Education and  announced the debut of an online version of its Comprehensive Income Tax Course approval by the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners to meet Oregon tax preparer licensing requirements, according to Charles E. McCabe, President & CEO.

Peoples has been approved since 2002 by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) as a Provider of  Qualifying and Continuing Education courses (both contact and correspondence format), required for tax preparers to become licensed and to continue to practice in California.

California and Oregon are the only states in the Nation that require tax preparers to be licensed and meet professional education requirements.  However a tax preparer licensing law was enacted this year by Maryland and will be implemented next year, while at least a half-dozen other states are contemplating such legislation.    Federal legislation to regulate tax preparers has also been introduced to Congress annually for several years and is expected to pass in the next nyear or two.  Federeal preparer regulation will require the IRS to license tax preparers nationwide..

The Income Tax School is certified as a private career school by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).   The school is also approved to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPAs and Continuing Education (CE) for CFPs and IRS Enrolled Agents (EAs).

Currently, Peoples and ITS train more than 5,000 tax professionals annually.

About The Income Tax School:

The Income Tax School (ITS) was founded in 1990 by Charles E.  McCabe who serves as its President and CEO.  ITS is certified as a private career school by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).  The School currently offers some 35 online  income tax training programs, ranging from 3-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars to 30-80 hour courses, as well as the prestigious ITS Chartered Tax Professional-CTP ® certificate program.  ITS provides e-learning nationwide to  tax, accounting and financial services professionals.  ITS also publishes  student textbooks and instructor guides for classroom instruction by firms that provide in-house tax training, as well as colleges and career schools.  Complete information can be found at:

Contact: Terry Judge
(804) 204-1040