There’s Always More to Learn

As I work through the Advanced tax course it has been interesting to see how much additional information there is beneath the surface.  While the Comprehensive tax course spent a lot of time getting me comfortable with basic tax return preparation (by hand as discussed in a previous post), the Advanced course really builds on that and forces you to apply what you know from the previous course along with the new information provided. Thankfully, the course textbook goes back over areas discussed previously that are relevant to what you’re currently doing which is great reinforcement for all of the basics.  All the hands on preparation in the previous course has been extremely helpful in this one. I like the fact that all of the chapters are succinct and to the point because it makes it a lot easier to get through each chapter in a timely manner with enough time to really think about and practice what was presented.   I think that the material that this course covers would be a positive addition to any tax preparer’s skill-set as it really adds to your ability to advise on more nuanced individual tax return issues.