Three Ways To Get Clients Through Your Door This Tax Season


As tax season marches on, how are you reaching new clients? Are you promoting in the all the right places? Do you have an enticing offer to get them to try your business? Here are three ideas to help drive traffic through your door.

Offer up Gift Certificates at events and auctions

Finding time to get away from your desk this season to network is important. While it may have been more convenient for you to do your networking before tax season, now is the time that taxpayers are thinking about taxes and possibly looking for a tax preparer. One great way to get the phone ringing is to offer to give out Gift Certificates at a few of the networking events you regularly attend. Networking groups are a great place to offer up incentives to potential clients. In some cases you may need to invest in a table sponsorship to get your promotional materials out on the tables but if you reach hundreds doing so, the investment may be worth it. Gift cards that cover part of the cost of tax preparation make a great incentive for someone to looking for a preparer to turn to you.

Another great opportunity to hand out gift cards is at auctions. There’s always someone raising money for something! Whether it’s a silent auction or gift baskets for a golf tournament, offering up gift certificates to include in these types of packages is another great way to get the word out.

Incentivize referrals

First thing’s first, make sure you are offering excellent service – no one will refer you if you offer poor service. Offering exceptional service will make your clients want to tell their friends and family about you. Incentivizing them to refer friends and family, will make them even more likely to do so!

Partner with local businesses

There are lots of great opportunities to reach out to the local business community and form partnerships. Whether it be a combined social media contest where you host giveaways from partner businesses, or a discount for employees at select businesses in your area to have their taxes prepared by your firm. Get creative and reach out to the businesses around you. Even if a partnership doesn’t happen, you still get the chance meet a potential new client and tell them about your business.

We hope you are all having a successful and smooth tax season thus far! Looking for more ideas? Check out our Tax Practice Marketing Manual.

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