Top 5 Things Tax Preparers Do After Tax Day

The last day of school, your birthday and Halloween have nothing on the day after Tax Day to a tax preparer. A lot of people imagine that a list of the top 5 things tax preparers do after tax day might look something like this:

Post Tax Season

Top 5 Things Tax Preparers Would LIKE to Do After Tax Day

5. Sleep in.

4. Start planning a resort vacation to Europe or the Caribbean.

3. Re-introduce themselves to their family and friends.

2. Binge watch all the shows they’ve missed for the past four months.

1. Throw a massive throw-down party to celebrate their newfound freedom at the end of Tax Season!

Ah, if only it were like this in real life! Tax preparers everywhere would rejoice!

In reality, these days tax preparation is more likely to be a year-round business. Sure, Americans have a “tax season” for filing their individual tax returns. However, businesses have to file their taxes on a quarterly basis. If they have employees, they have to file payroll taxes on a quarterly basis.

And then there is usually plenty of off-season work to go around, from people who filed extensions to people who just haven’t filed at all and need to play a little catch-up.

So, if you’re a tax preparer with a thriving, growing business, your 5 top things list might look a little more like this:

Top 5 Things Tax Preparers ACTUALLY Do After Tax Day

5. Set up appointments for financial advising and consulting to help clients get ready for next year.

4. Sending out client surveys and evaluating the tax season.

3. Prepare for next year by developing a marketing plan that keeps up with current clients while reaching out to new ones.

2. Work with businesses to prepare payroll taxes and quarterly taxes.

1. Finish all the tax returns they had to file extensions for because people brought their stuff in late.

Sure, many tax preparers plan to take at least a little well-deserved break after the end of a busy, stressful tax season. And that’s a great idea, because you should celebrate your hard work. Taking a little time for yourself is a great way to recharge after so much activity.

However, just like any other business owner (if they’re serious about what they do and want to be successful), they’re using the momentum from tax season to propel them into preparations for next year – for themselves and for their clients.

Happy post-tax season! Here’s to another successful year ahead!

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