Trying not to Rush the End

As I start to close in on the last chapters it has gotten really tempting to try to pick up the pace and get it done.   I’ve completed nearly all of the review questions and am now circling back through to complete the learning activities. So far going back has been a good refresher of what I saw in each chapter but the learning activities definitely take a lot longer than the review questions.  There are usually 4-5 scenarios for each chapter and each usually includes the preparation of a return. Some of the more basic returns go quickly, but some of the assignments that require more forms can take a little while to put together.   I’m expecting to spend my last week of the course working through the final exams for each module.  For me, doing it this way has worked fairly well since I can usually answer the review questions without too much trouble after reading the chapter and jump right into the next one and get those questions done too.  I’m not sure it’s the fastest way, but it definitely keeps all the material fresh.