Updates and Corrections: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

While I’ve been mostly happy with my approach of doing my work offline a couple chapters at a time and then entering them online at a later time, there have been a few mishaps on my part.  The most important one being not checking the updates and corrections provided on the course website before answering review and learning activity questions.  For those of you keeping your offline and online work in sync this won’t be a problem, but for me I realized real quickly that if I ran into a problem and just could not find an answer that fit my understanding that it may have been updated or corrected since the printing of the textbook.   The updates and corrections for a chapter are only available online and are not made available until the previous chapter’s work is completed.  While it would have been way more convenient for me if I had access to those updates and corrections without having to enter answers for the previous chapter, I don’t believe I’ve been doing this course in a traditional manner and probably not in a way predicted by The Income Tax School.  I’ve learned that if I’ve done my work thoroughly and I’ve checked every detail and still cannot find my answer in the list of answers, then I need to get all my previous answers entered so I can see the updates and corrections for the chapter I’m on.   If you’re doing these courses and you’ve hit a wall, don’t spend hours banging your head against it.  Check the updates and corrections and if you still can’t get it, <ask for help(link to other post)>.