Ways to Unplug After Tax Season [COVID Edition]

The extended tax season is finally over! While most people in the industry use this time to take a vacation and travel, that’s becoming a bit of a challenge during COVID times. Pandemic or not, if you’ve been knee deep in tax returns while navigating PPP loans and other COVID related items, you owe it to yourself, your body, your sanity, and your family to take a break and unplug. Here are some ways to do that safely.

A change of scenery

You may not be able to hop on a plane or catch a train to your favorite destination, but you can find a place that is driving distance within your own state. Maybe an airbnb with a pool, maybe a spot in the mountains, or maybe a cool town you’ve never explored. Take your mask, your hand sanitizer and go! A change of scenery is always refreshing.


Take a break from the news cycle, social media feeds, and the outside world in general. Break away from your electronics for a couple of days and spend some time relaxing. Read a book, find a hiking spot, do some yoga or try meditation. A digital detox is necessary and a great stress reliever.

Connect with Friends

Have you developed your own social bubble during COVID times? A “quranteam” is a small group of friends and family that only hang out with each other. It allows you to be able to stay social while reducing your risk of exposure. Have some socially distanced backyard hangouts, do some activities outside, or schedule a Zoom or Google Hangout with friends if you want to stay away from others. Human connection is the key here. If you’re going the virtual route, check out virtual games like House Party, Drawful or other online games.

Get Outside

You’re cooped up inside all day every day. Take some time to reconnect with nature. Do some yard work, start a vegetable garden, go for a hike, or hop on your bike and explore your city. Get outside and feel the sun on your skin, put your bare feet in the grass, and maybe even do a little sweating.

Do something you love to do

You know that hobby you haven’t had time for? Do that. Whether it’s sewing, crafting, making beer, baking, or pickle making. Spend some time on a project you are passionate about. Make things. Do things. Let creativity take control!

It’s hard to unplug in a world that feels so uncertain, but if you want to stay sane, it’s important to do so. Connect with your friends, your passions, mother nature… something that isn’t work or the constant stream of bad news.