Who should become an Enrolled Agent?

A taxpayer learns that the IRS has questions or is even launching an audit. Imagine the fear and confusion. What’s next?

Few people know that there is someone who can help – someone with extensive knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code. That someone is an Enrolled Agent, or EA.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

EAs are the highest designation recognized by the IRS in tax preparation. They are specially certified by the IRS to help American taxpayers who find themselves in a tax dilemma or simply need preparing their annual returns. There are only 50,000 EAs in the United States, so the demand is high.

Could you be an EA? The ideal EA has these characteristics:

  • Attention to detail
  • A drive to keep up with the ever-changing tax code
  • Deep understanding of IRS rules and procedures
  • Strong people skills
  • Deep commitment to ethical standards

A career as an EA can be satisfying, fulfilling and financially rewarding. Do you have what it takes?

Who would make a good Enrolled Agent?

Not just anyone can become an EA. While there are no educational prerequisites, prospective EAs must prove a extensive knowledge of tax law by passing the EA exam. With that in mind, those who have the knowledge and experience, and/or those who can attain the knowledge and experience should consider becoming and EA. This may include:

  • Uncredentialed tax preparers
  • Uncredentialed accountants
  • CPAs
  • CIAs
  • CMAs
  • Former IRS employees

Tax preparers especially know about the annual tax busy season roller coaster. From January through April, you have a steady stream of clients – and income. The rest of the year, business can dry up.

EAs work year-round because the IRS never sleeps. People who are being audited can need help any time of year. Others need specialized help with tax strategy, preparation and handling. As an EA, you can provide assistance and representation year-round. Your income stabilizes with steady work.

In fact, your income can actually rise due to your increased usefulness. You will be equipped with the ability to help more clients in more areas, and those unlimited representation rights put you in the room wherever your client needs to go. Not to mention, you can charge a premium for your services as a tax preparer because your clients will have confidence that their taxes are being prepared by an expert.

Ready to become an enrolled agent?

The EA certification process is an accessible and affordable pathway to career advancement. Gaining the right to unlimited representation makes you an asset for employers and clients. If you’re still looking for the tax knowledge needed to pass the EA Exam, Surgent Income Tax School is here to help. Our Chartered Tax Professional (CTP) Certificate Program is designed to take anyone with even zero tax knowledge all the way through advanced topics in both individual and small business taxes. Upon completion, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to pass the EA Exam.