Would You Take the Bait? Why Phishing Scams Should Concern You


Who really falls for a phishing scam? 

It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself or said to a friend or colleague.

People fall for phishing scams all the time, it’s why they continue to happen. Sure, there are a lot of “Nigerian Prince” emails that get sent. These are the most obvious and well known but they aren’t the only scam running these days. There are multiple ways to get phished – some of which can be extremely convincing.

The question, “What Kind of Idiot Gets Phished?” was recently posed on Reply All, a podcast that covers all things internet related. The host basically hired someone to phish her coworkers and guess what? It worked. The host’s extremely skeptical and intelligent coworkers took the bait and gave up their passwords to a very high tech and convincing scam.

Professional hackers can do everything from impersonate email addresses to impersonate trusted sites like Google or Dropbox. The podcast is definitely worth a listen. They explain how phishing scams work, and how they were able to phish their boss and CEO.

Give it a listen here: Reply All: What Kind of Idiot Gets Phished?

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