How to Fix the Tax Preparer Shortage

One of the biggest challenges tax business owners face (besides the tax law changes) is staffing their firms with qualified tax preparers.  The qualified tax pros of yesterday are either retiring, happy where they are, or have gone out on their own to start their own businesses. The applicants that do come in, know enough about doing tax returns for their friends and family, but not enough to qualify as tax preparers for a tax firm with business and multi-form clients. Unfortunately, there’s just not a steady stream of new talent to choose from.

All hope is not lost. There’s a solution to your staffing woes. Want a pool of talent with basic skills you can mold into your own perfect tax pros? Do it yourself by running your own tax school.

Yep. We’re telling you to do what we do. The Income Tax School got its start because our sister business, Peoples Tax, was having trouble finding qualified applicants. So, we decided to do what the National firms do; recruit and train our own people.

Why run a tax school?

Running your own tax school is a great way to make money in the off-season while filling your pipeline with qualified applicants. Recruit people in need of a career change or early retirees who are looking for some extra income and teach them the skills they need to become tax preparers. They pay you for the much needed skills and training, and you now have a pool of applicants to choose from!

The beauty of running your own tax school is that you don’t have to hire everyone you train. You get to know your students during training so you know exactly who you’re hiring when the time comes.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Developing curriculum to run a tax school seems like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. The Income Tax School provides a turnkey solution to running a successful tax school! We provide everything you need to recruit and train high quality tax preparers.

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We provide student manuals, an instructor guide with lesson plans, an online dashboard with automatic grading, a resource center, and a tax school operations manual.

Stop stressing about staffing and get started with your tax school now so that you have a pool of well trained applicants (with no bad habits) when the time comes. Learn more here.