Why Your Tax Firm Should Have a Blog


We know what you’re thinking. “We’re tax preparers not writers.”  Think again. What you are, is an expert in an area that most people aren’t: taxes.  All of the national tax firms are blogging.  If you want to compete with them, blogging is a must.  Here are just some of the benefits to blogging.

Blogging Increases SEO
One of the best ways to increase your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) is through blogging.  Updating your blog on a regular basis adds fresh content to your website.  This is important because search engines score websites with fresh content higher than static websites.

It also gives you the chance to write about topics (and include keywords) for which potential clients are searching.  By constantly updating your blog with fresh information, you will increase the traffic to your website.  In fact, according to researchers at HubSpot, active blogging draws 6.9 times more organic search traffic.

It adds value to your website
Visitors to your website are likely to stay longer if there is valuable information to read.  The longer a visitor interacts with your site, the more likely they are to become a customer – especially if you have great content!

It helps communicate your brand identity and services
A static website is pretty cut and dry.  You’ve got a few pages to communicate who you are and what you do.  A website with a blog, however, continues that conversation. Visitors to your blog get to read what you have to say, and in turn your tax firm develops more of a personality.

Blogging shows off your knowledge and expertise
Your website may claim that you are experts in the industry but why not prove it by providing informative and valuable content on a regular basis.  Your blog can easily set you apart from other tax services by allowing you to connect to the consumer and deliver information they need.

What to blog about
This may sound simple, but your content focus should be on what the reader wants.  We suggest asking your preparers what their clients are asking.  Providing valuable information that people WANT to know is the key to successful blogging.  Don’t be self-serving; provide true value.  You should also look at what’s going on in the news related to your industry.  Staying on top of trending topics in your industry shows you know your stuff and that you’re paying attention.

*Blogging idea: The Affordable Care Act

Have we convinced you yet? Great! If you already have a blog, comment with a link to it.  For more on marketing your business online, check out our Tax Business Marketing Manual.