Tax Business Owners of America

What is Tax Business Owners of America?

Tax Business Owners of America (“TBOA”) is a LinkedIn professional group created on March 26, 2009 by Chuck McCabe, CEO of Peoples Income Tax, Inc. and The Income Tax School, Inc. TBOA now has close to 9,000 members and new members continue to join almost every day. TBOA provides a forum for tax business owners to discuss topics of common interest that pertain to operating a tax business.

Who are the members of TBOA?

Membership in TBOA is open to Owners of Independent Tax Businesses that typically realize the majority of their revenue from income tax preparation services. IRS employees, tax industry executives, and selected tax industry vendors may be admitted by invitation only, provided that promotion of their products and services will be limited to responses to requests for information by tax business owner members. Violations can result in expulsion.

What are the benefits of membership in TBOA?

Through communication and cooperation, TBOA members share intellectual capital, become aware of best practices, develop new best practices, address key common issues, forge strategic alliances and gain strength in numbers. No one understands the challenges faced by a tax business entrepreneur better than a fellow tax business entrepreneur. TBOA provides a forum for tax business entrepreneurs to share their experiences and knowledge and to learn from one-another.

What kinds of topics are discussed in TBOA?

TBOA is not intended to be a source of tax information but, rather, a resource to share ideas on tax practice management and other tax business topics such as personnel, training, finance, sales, marketing, business expansion, legislation, IRS tax preparer regulation, technology, equipment, legal concerns and many other tax business related subjects of common interest or concern.

Why should a tax business owner join TBOA?

Consider becoming a member of TBOA to join in lively and enlightening discussions among fellow tax business owners. You will become aware of best practices to operate your tax business more efficiently and to grow your tax business. You may also find satisfaction in sharing your experience and knowledge. TBOA is not a forum for sales or solicitation of business, but rather a peer support group. There is no fee to become a TBOA member.

How can I sign up to become a member of TBOA?

To join TBOA you must first be a member of LinkedIn ( As a LinkedIn member, you can visit the TBOA LinkedIn Group and make a request to join. Your application will be reviewed by Chuck McCabe, TBOA Group owner and, if you are qualified, you will be approved as a member.