Can you tell me about your Chartered Tax Professional certificate program?

Category: Certificate ProgramsCan you tell me about your Chartered Tax Professional certificate program?
The Income Tax School asked 10 years ago
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ITS Staff answered 10 years ago
Our CTP program courses are all delivered online. You can study anytime 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, The Chartered Tax Professional (CTP) professional designation is awarded by The Income Tax School (ITS) to a tax professional who has completed the ITS 180-hour CTP certificate program with an average grade of at least 80% and has documented at least 500 hours of tax preparation experience. The Income Tax School is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) as a private career school. The only professional designation currently recognized by the IRS is the Enrolled Agent (EA) which is awarded by the IRS to tax professionals who have passed the EA exam. (IRS hopes to reinstate the RTRP designation later this year.) The CTP provides education in all of the topics covered on the IRS EA Exam. Tax professionals who have earned the CTP designation should be well prepared to complete an EA Exam review and then pass the IRS EA Exam. There are several options for the Comprehensive Course which is the first course in the CTP program, therefore there are also several options for the CTP program. The Business Package is $100 extra and it includes guides to start a tax business and to market to get clients. There is also a version for CA and another for OR, the only two states that currently regulate preparers, but there is no extra charge for CA or OR. Learn more about the CTP program here