How does your tax course work?

Category: How Our Tax Courses WorkHow does your tax course work?
The Income Tax School asked 10 years ago
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ITS Staff answered 10 years ago
Our courses are provided online (e-learning) through an interactive learning management system (LMS) that you can access with an internet connection anytime, anywhere 24/7. You would study at your own pace and we provide instructor support by e-mail. There is reading and the entire student text is online, but you can also purchase a hard copy for convenience and future reference. You would prepare practice tax returns manually off-line and enter the results online. All quizzes and tax return problems are automatically graded and you receive instructional feedback for wrong answers. A certificate of completion is provided for each course. We are also a NASBA sponsor for CPE for CPAs. Below are links to student reviews, our school’s credentials and a course demo. Student Reviews of our Comprehensive Tax Course ITS credentials Course Demo