I’m interested in your California Qualifying Tax Course. Can you tell me more about it?

Category: How Our Tax Courses WorkI’m interested in your California Qualifying Tax Course. Can you tell me more about it?
The Income Tax School asked 10 years ago
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ITS Staff answered 10 years ago
Our CA Comprehensive course is made up of two courses – one for Federal taxes (45 CE hours) and one for California (15 CE hours). Each course contains 20 chapters each. Each course is broke up into four modules consisting of five chapters each. Each chapter has a Review Questions test. In the Federal course you will find 15 questions per test and at least 5 per test for the CA course. In addition, we have a Learning Activity test for each chapter. For the Learning Activity, you will be asked to complete a tax return or other tax forms based on a given scenario. The number of questions on the Learning Activity test will vary depending on how many returns/forms were completed. When taking the Review Questions test and Learning Activity test for each chapter, you’re at the stage where you are learning and you can get help from one of our instructors, via email, if needed. The true testing of what you have learned is determined by the Quizzes (located only in the Federal portion) and the Final Exams (both Federal and CA). There are 2 Quizzes in each Federal module for a total of 8. The number of questions for these will vary. Each module (both Federal and CA) has a Final Exam at the end for a total of 8 final exams. Each Final Exam in the Federal course has 75 multiple choice questions and another 10 questions based on a return you prepared. In the CA course, there are 25 multiple choices questions for each Final Exam with another 5 questions based on a CA return you prepared. We know this sounds like a lot work, but we want our students to be able to prepare a return on their own after completing the course. We have the Learning Activity where you prepare returns – by hand – because we believe practice is the best way to exercise what you’ve learned from the reading material.