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You receive the following when you purchase a 3, 5, or 10 Student Kit:

Operations Kit includes:

Instructor Materials includes: (with each student kit)

Comp 3&4

  • A hard copy of the Instructor’s Manual, which includes lesson plans, helpful tips for the teacher and key points to stress. A Student Textbook is also included for the instructor to follow along with students.
  • An online Instructor Resource Center, which includes: a tax school operations manual, practice problems, quizzes, exams and answer keys. If you ordered the Comprehensive Tax Course, a PowerPoint of each lesson for use with an LCD projector is also included.
  • Certificate template provided in electronic format for graduates
  • Tax Training Kits & Materials

3, 5, or 10 Student Kit includes:

  • A User ID and Passcode for each student in your kit (for online and book kits). This provides access to all required course content, including: IRS and other publications, instructions, forms, reading assignments, chapter study questions, learning activities, appendices, worksheets, tax law updates, and so much more.
  • If you purchase a kit with books, hard copy student manuals are included. Book kits are typically purchased for live classes or for online students as a reference.
  • Hard copy student manuals are available for an additional fee for students of online kits.
  • All graded assignments (including homework, quizzes, exams, etc.) are included in the online Instructor Resource Center. Instructors may print assignments off for a live classroom setting, which will require manual grading; or, the instructor may opt to have students complete graded assignments online with automatic grading.
  • Tax Training Kits & Materials

Additional Materials: (optional purchase)

After purchasing a 3, 5 or 10-student starter kit, additional materials/student User IDs with Passcodes and instructor manuals may be purchased individually for the same exact course under the same annual license.

Additional tools you may find helpful:

  • A Dashboard in our LMS (learning management system) that allows instructors with online students to view students’ progress, how they are performing, and more.
  • A FREE PowerPoint is available for the COMPREHENSIVE tax course only. This can be used with an LCD projector during live class sessions.
  • An Instructor Resource Center is available with information such as answer keys.

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