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You receive the following when you purchase a 3, 5, or 10 Student Kit:

Operations Kit includes:

Instructor Materials includes: (per kit)

Comp 3&4

  • A hard copy of a Student Manual for the instructor.
  • An online Instructor Resource Center (IRC), which includes an Instructor’s Workshop with hints and tips to help you operate a successful tax school, the Tax School Operator’s Manual, answer keys for all graded assignments including review and chapter questions, learning activities, quizzes, and exams. PowerPoints for the course(s) you are teaching, an electronic copy of the Student Manual, resources available to the students, and reading references.
  • Instructors may print quizzes and exams for their live classroom students, which will require manual grading; or the instructor may opt to have students complete graded assignments online with automatic grading.
  • Certificate template provided in electronic format for graduates
  • Tax Training Kits & Materials

3, 5, or 10 Student Kit includes:

  • A User ID and Passcode for each student in your kit (for online and book kits). This provides access to all required course content, student resources such as IRS publications, instructions, forms, reading references, chapter study questions, learning activities, appendices, worksheets, tax law updates, and so much more.
  • If you purchase a kit with books, hard copy student manuals are included. Book kits are typically purchased for live classes or for online students as a reference.
  • Hard copy student manuals are available for an additional fee for students of online kits.
  • Tax Training Kits & Materials

Additional Materials: (optional purchase)

After purchasing a 3, 5 or 10-student starter kit, additional materials (hard copy books), Student and/or Instructor User IDs with Passcodes may be purchased individually for the same exact course under the same annual license.

Additional tools you may find helpful:

  • A Dashboard in our LMS (learning management system) that allows instructors with online students to view students’ progress, how they are performing, and more.
  • FREE PowerPoints are available for our courses.
  • An Instructor Resource Center is available with all the information an instructor would need to operate a live or remote online class.
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