Moving Along

By Tenisha Gadson | March 18, 2014

I am currently working on chapters 6 and 7 and plan to get those done this week.  I have not run into any other issues or complaints so far in the course and have been generally happy with the way the course is designed.  As discussed in a previous post on Advanced Level I test solutions, I do think that some example returns would be helpful. The learning activities have more complicated returns with a lot more forms and a lot more room for error, but I have been getting through OK anyway.  I am still quite stubborn about asking for help but do not believe that it has slowed me down too much this time around.  I have hit some walls throughout the course, but have found that getting up for a bit and coming back to it later often does the trick. I think part of it is my attention level as well since I’m starting to get a bit excited about moving onto the small business courses.  I can be a little prone to rushing sometimes, so I’ve been forcing myself to slow down and enjoy the ride.