Celebrating Tax Entrepreneurs

November 19th was National Entrepreneur Day and this week happens to be Global Entrepreneurship Week. Why celebrate entrepreneurs? Because they are the heart and soul of this country. Entrepreneurs are responsible for some of the most innovative ideas and products. They constantly challenge the status quo and more often than not, give back to their own communities to help raise everyone up.

You are an Important Part of Your Community

Independent tax business owners are also entrepreneurs! You risked it all to go out on your own and start your own business. You are a trusted advisor in your community, and when the community supports you, their dollars stay local and help keep the local economy going.

Research Shows…

When a consumer supports a chain, only about 10 cents out of each dollar stays in the local economy. When a consumer supports a local business, 50 cents out of each dollar stay in the community.

Local business owners often support other local business owners, creating a recirculation in the economy and benefitting more local people. Think about the multipliers of that! Local businesses also tend to give back to local charities.

You, Too Can Be an Entrepreneur

Not a tax business owner but thinking about going out on your own? Tax preparation is a very rewarding career and entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to do what you want. Whether you start a full blown firm or are a solopreneur, you can be an important part of your community. The perks of business ownership include:

  • Earning $100/hour or more as an experienced pro
  • Reducing your own tax liability
  • Your skills will make you more marketable
  • You can work 3 months of the year and make a great income
  • Have your summers and holidays free
  • Be more secure – you control your own destiny
  • Start at home with minimal expenses

We can help! Learn more about our Tax Business Startup Guide and resources here.