Grow Your Tax Business by Looking Inside First

Often, businesses take existing clients for granted…thinking they’ll just always be there. With competition getting stiffer all the time, it’s important to nurture those current relationships. Did you know that it’s 5-10 times more expensive to attract new clients than it is to retain existing ones? And any clients you don’t retain the next year, must be replaced before you can show any growth. Imagine what having happy, loyal clients can do for your business! And, word of mouth IS the best form of advertising. So, if you can turn your clients into raving fans, your business will grow without ever having to look outside. Here are five things you can do to nurture the relationships with your current clients.

Get to know your clients better

When you actively listen, you’ll be surprised at the additional ways you can help them. Do you know what it means to actively listen? It means you are engaged. You are looking the person in the eyes. You are not distracted by other things – like your computer or cell phone. You ask them questions based on what you’ve heard, and paraphrase what they’ve said back to them, to ensure you’re fully comprehending. You are there to listen and really understand. You can even jot down notes afterward, to help you remember key things you want to talk with them about down the road. This will help your clients feel much more connected to you on a personal and professional level.

Reach out to your clients more than one time per year

Don’t just wait until tax season when you’re both super busy. Stay in touch year-round through email, enewsletters, social media, phone calls, and maybe even an annual open house to thank your clients.

During tax season, take note of the issues your clients are having

Then, make time to become more knowledgeable in those areas. Take continuing education courses during the off-season, so you can continue to serve your clients and meet their needs. And if you can’t help them with an issue personally but know someone who can…offer a referral to them. People remember when you help them solve a problem, and they will want to return the favor. If you can help your clients in more than one way, you are making your connection with them that much stronger.

Always follow through on any commitments you have made to your clients

Deliver what you promise – but if you want to really make your clients happy, go beyond – even just a little –  when you can. That’s what creates raving fans!

Reward your clients for being loyal

It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just something unexpected will bring a smile to their face. It’s always nice to be recognized for being loyal.