Honoring Black Tax Preparation and Accounting Excellence

Written by Breeana Gant

In 2019, Instagram launched the “#ShareBlackStories” campaign to honor Black voices and history throughout the month of February. The initiative took off across several different platforms including Twitter and Facebook, and continues to be used in millions of posts every day. 

Today and everyday we want to encourage Black CPA, auditors and more to share their stories, but unfortunately the majority of the accounting field is a largely white profession. In fact, only 1% of accountants are Black, and 9% of the broader auditing and accounting field is Black. Right now, as the world raises consciousness around racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, we realize this industry is not immune. For these reasons, we want to highlight some of the great, Black tax preparers and accountants who impact and improve our local communities. 

Mimicking the #ShareTheMicNow campaign, an Instagram campaign aiming to magnify Black figures and the important work that they’re doing, in our social media channels we will call attention to Black professionals making large strides in the financial field and recognize their distinct work.


Jumping Jack Taxes

Prince Donnell and Dana Chanel are the husband and wife duo behind Jumping Jack Taxes, one of the fastest growing tax companies in the US. This couple aims to make entrepreneurship, generational wealth, and financial literacy to the communities they grew up in. Their services generally come in the form of their app, which you can find here. They offer anything from location services, reading material, and elearning courses on how to start your own tax business. 

Jason Simmons

Jason Simmons not only serves as a Financial Analyst at Altria Client Services Inc., but he also provides extensive information and support to accountants and future accountants across Richmond as the President of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). Armed with an incredible team, who you can read more about here, the Richmond chapter of NABA throws several events (many now virtual), provides scholarships for college students pursuing financial services, community events and more. 

Dr. James H. Williams

Dr. James H. Williams holds a PhD, CMA, JD and LLM and serves on the Board of Directors of Community Health Systems, Inc. (a publicly held, Fortune 200 company), the Boy Scouts of America (Dan Beard Council) the Great Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3) and more. Aside from his various involvements within his community, Dr. James became the seventh president at Mount St. Joseph University in 2016. He gained this well-earned after completing several years of education and corporate and tax attorney experience. 

Genivia Gee & Edward D. Fulbright

Genivia Gee Fulbright and Edward D. Fulbright came together to develop two thriving businesses: Fulbright & Fulbright, CPA, PA and Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA. Together they do great work, and Mr. Fulbright especially is doing amazing things in his community. 

Mr. Fulbright serves as a director and committee volunteer on the Self-Help Credit Union, Alliance of Cambridge Advisors and many more. With more than 20 years of experience, he also hosts and produces a weekly radio program, ‘Mastering Your Money’

Nathan Garrett

Last but certainly not least, Nathan Garrett, CPA earned his CPA certification in 1961, making him the fifth Black CPA in Michigan (and about the 63rd in the US!). Mr. Garrett excelled during his time at Yale University and earned his A.B. He also attended North Carolina Central University School of Law receiving his J.D. Shortly after he became certified, he opened the first Black owned practice ever in the US. In 1967, he launched the Foundation of Community Development, became the executive director and led in this position for four years. 

Nathan Garrett has also served as the president of the National Association of Minority CPA Firms, NASBA and the North Carolina Association of Minority Businesses. Mr. Garrett’s list of achievements goes on. You can read more about him, the previous figures and other organization members here

There are current and prospective Black accountants and tax preparers just like them waiting to find success in the financial industry. Diversity within our field is lacking, but now more than ever there are small, local, and national businesses who are building a diverse workforce. We challenge everyone who reads this to #ShareTheMic, promote the exceptional work Black employees and leaders have done in the financial field. 

For those reading this who are looking for a new career path, we urge you to consider a career in tax preparation. You can earn the skills you need to start preparing taxes in as little as 10 weeks. Our classes are self paced and affordable. We also offer tuition assistance and scholarships.