4 Mid-Season Outreach Promotions to Try

It’s the middle of tax season. Do you have your marketing caps on? Now is about the time that tax seasonMIDSEASON is starting to set in for taxpayers. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to potential clients, current clients, and contacts to promote your services and provide information on dealing with the IRS.

Any and every opportunity to reach out during tax season (and even after) is a golden one so with that said, here are some marketing ideas to run with.

IRS Letter Campaign

You know there are taxpayers out there with IRS letters lurking in their mail piles, their office drawers, or at the bottom of their trash bins (oh the horror!). To taxpayers, receiving a letter form the IRS is pretty scary, so rather than figure out what to do, they file it in the “I’ll deal with this later pile”… and that’s where it stays.

Reach out to those people this month! Here are some ideas:

  • Targeted Facebook Ads meant to reach the demographics who are most likely to receive communication from the IRS.
  • An informative email blast about what to do with a call to action to refer friends or family who have received communication from the IRS.
  • A blog post on your website.
  • A direct mail campaign.
  • An email or direct mail campaign sent out to other business owners who may have clients with tax problems and are unsure of how to help.

Amended Returns Campaign

Taxpayers could potentially be owed additional refund money if they made an error (or if someone else made an error) on a previous year’s tax return. This is a great opportunity to reach out to clients who may have self-prepared in previous years and want to double check that they got the most back on their return(s). It’s also a great opportunity to get new clients in the door by offering to check previous returns and show off your amazing tax prep skills.


You know you’ve got a list of clients who you haven’t heard a peep from this year. Reach out to remind them that it’s time to schedule their tax appointments.

General Information

Another great opportunity to get your name out there is by offering up information to the media or to your business networks. Write an article with tips for taxpayers that includes information about your tax firm and how you can help.

Does this get your marketing brain working? We hope so! Go forth and promote yourselves tax preparers! If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to reach out to taxpayers, check this out.