Want to Pass the Enrolled Agents Exam? We’ve Got What You Need

If you’re like so many tax professionals out there, you’ve been doing taxes for a while and feel like you really know your stuff. However, you haven’t yet obtained the ultimate tax professional credential: Enrolled Agent status. Yeah, it’s a really big exam. But did you know that you don’t have to take it all at once? You have two years to complete all three parts. That means, you can study and pass one section at a time? Making the process so much more manageable!
So what’s holding you back? EA-Exam-Prep

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Surgent EA Review (formerly Exam Matrix EA Exam Review) to offer the leading Enrolled Agent exam prep course in the industry.

Surgent EA Review students achieve pass rates of over 80% and study half the time of the other guys!

3 things to know about the EA Exam

1. After taking our Comprehensive Tax Course and working as a tax preparer for a couple of years, odds are good you can pass “Part 1 – Individuals” of the EA Exam. Then you can sit for Part 1 of the EA Exam. When you pass it, you’ll already be 1/3rd of the way there!
2: “Part 2 – Businesses” of the EA Exam is the hardest part to pass. It’s probably because so many tax preparers don’t focus on small business tax returns. Our Small Business tax courses can help you pass Part 2 of the EA Exam and you’re more than half way there!
3: “Part 3 – Representation, Practice and Procedures” of the EA Exam is about the rules and regulations for tax preparers. This part is more about understanding the rules and regs required for tax preparers than it is about preparing actual returns. Once you have successfully completed all 3 parts of the EA Exam you can apply to become an Enrolled Agent!
We Know You’ll Pass the Exam with help from our courses and Surgent’s EA Review! Here are 6 reasons.
  1. A.S.A.P.® Technology – This adaptive software generates daily study sessions customized to your needs! This helps you focus on weak areas … turning them into strengths!
  2. Integrated Study Planner Tool – This helps determine exactly how many hours you’ll need to devote to preparing for the EA exam based on your exam date, chosen study days, and mastery of material.
  3. Daily Surge Dashboard – This is your EA study material lineup, made up of Q&A and reading material.
  4. Unlimited Practice Tests – So you can go into the exam fully prepared.
  5. Trending Scores Indicates your performance. So you know exactly when you’re ready to pass the EA Exam!
  6. Surgent’s Pass Guarantee Pass or your money back.

Summer is the perfect time to get started on your way to E.A. As an Enrolled Agent, you can charge more, and market your tax expertise to potential clients.

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