Post Tax Season Networking and Outreach Tips

Staying in touch is what helps foster relationships. It keeps your company top of mind and also helps to generate new business. As a tax professional, you’ve likely been hiding away in your office working long hours the past month of tax season. Now is the time to emerge and reconnect with people.

Here are some ways to get back into the networking swing and continue to grow your business.

Attend networking events

Get out there and meet people, reconnect and build relationships, and promote your business. If you offer services like bookkeeping or tax planning these are great to talk to people about. Networking is all about building relationships and nurturing leads. Be sure to connect to everyone you meet on LinkedIn to stay in touch throughout the year so that come tax time, they’ll think of you.

Reach out to business associations

The business associations you are a member of can be great resources outside of networking opportunities. Reach out to them and line up opportunities to guest blog, speak, or offer specials to members. A post about amendments or tax planning in the association newsletter would be timely. So would an offer for members to have their tax returns checked by you for free.

Send out customer surveys

Want to make sure everyone’s customer experience was top notch? Ask. Customer surveys are very important. They help identify pain points, opportunities to improve, and possibly help save a poor customer experience you didn’t know about.

Write a blog or newsletters

Educate clients all year long about upcoming due dates, offers, promotions and services you provide by blogging or sending newsletters.

Perform client reviews

Do you have some clients that could use additional help or services? Maybe they need to come in for tax planning to ensure they make the best decisions for the upcoming tax year. Maybe they could use some bookkeeping help. Review each client’s situation and send personalized emails to follow up with them and make suggestions for help or additional services.

Reach back out to connections

You know all of those requests for coffee dates, or nice to meet you emails you didn’t have time for during tax season? Reach back out to all of those people and reconnect now that you have room to breathe.


Businesses need tax services year round because they have to pay taxes quarterly. Now is the time to develop a prospect list of businesses, start reaching out.

Get involved in your community

Now that tax season is over, you may have a little free time that will allow you to give back to your community. It’s a great way to connect with other people and get your name and/or business connected to a good cause.

If you’re looking for more tools and tips to help you grow your tax business, consider purchasing our Tax Practice Management Tools. Use these essential tools to start, build, or improve your own tax business.

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