Tax Preparation is a Stopgap That Can Turn Into a Career

Covid-19 has really thrown us all for a loop. So many companies are struggling just to stay afloat and with that, many people have lost their jobs. Finding a job that can withstand the current downturned economy and social distancing requirements is challenging to say the least.  

So, what can displaced workers do to make ends meet in the interim?

Tax preparation can be a short-term solution for people who have lost their jobs. There is currently a shortage of qualified tax preparers due to recent low unemployment rates and high turnover of seasonal employees.

You may be thinking you need a lot of schooling to become a tax preparer, including prior tax, accounting, or financial education and experience – but that’s a myth! If you have good people skills, a high school diploma or the equivalent, and basic computer skills, you could be very successful as a tax preparer.

And here’s some exciting news… After completion of our beginner tax course, you’ll have enough tax knowledge to start earning money as a tax preparer in as little as 10 weeks – some finish even sooner! With this new tax knowledge, you’ll have options. You can work for a company that handles tax preparation, such as a CPA firm or a local or national tax business. Or you can go one step further and become self-employed.

Tax preparation offers perks that can be hard to find elsewhere, such as: 

  • an income with no cap
  • a flexible work schedule
  • the possibility to work from home
  • a professional and marketable skill
  • knowledge that enables you to save on your own personal taxes

Becoming a tax professional can be very lucrative. The average charge for a tax return is $150 – $200.  A new sole practitioner who prepares only 50-75 simple returns in their first year could generate anywhere from $7500-$15,000 in just 3 months!  The average monthly household income around of $3,750 can easily be earned in the first year as a tax professional!

Increased future earnings potential, plus summers and holidays off…

Know what’s even more exciting? As your business grows through new clients and referrals, your future earnings potential is much greater!  Plus, many tax professionals have their summers and holidays free because most of the business in generated during the concentrated filing season from mid-January through mid-April!  Alternatively, other complimentary services could be provided to tax clients to generate income year-round! This really is a very flexible business to be in.

So how can a displaced worker get started?

With Surgent Income Tax School’s online courses, you can learn tax preparation anywhere, 24/7. The beginner Comprehensive Tax Course assumes no prior tax knowledge and is written by tax pros who have years of experience preparing tax returns for all types of taxpayers. The course is easy to understand and includes many real-world examples that greatly enhance learning and enable practical application. Plus, the course includes automatic feedback on graded assignments and excellent instructor support.

The most exciting thing of all, is that this stopgap can truly turn into a career – and it can happen quickly! Surgent Income Tax School offers a Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program that begins with the Comprehensive Tax Course and moves into more advanced tax courses for individual taxpayers, as well as tax courses on small business tax preparation. In the process of earning this credential, which can be completed in as little as 18 months, students are learning much of the knowledge needed to also earn the highest professional designation in tax industry, the Enrolled Agent (EA) credential. You could easily go from a beginner with no tax knowledge, to earning the top credential in the tax industry in as little as 24 months!

Where else can you go from an absolute beginner to an expert in as little as 24 months? What an amazing opportunity! At the very least, completing the Comprehensive Tax Course can enable you to save on your own taxes each year! We can all benefit from that knowledge!

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