The Many Advantages of Learning Tax Preparation Online

As an eLearning provider, we get a lot of questions about online education and how it compares to time

Learn tax preparation in the comfort of your home. Train when you want to - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Learn tax preparation in the comfort of your home. Train when it’s convenient for you.

in a classroom. In our connected world, where we spend hours a day online doing everything from shopping to banking, eLearning is just another great way to get the education you need at your own pace and schedule. Yet, there are many people who shy away from the option. That’s why we’ve put together this post that lays out the many advantages of learning tax preparation online – advantages that live instruction cannot offer.


Only have an hour a day to get some learning time in? Want to work through your courses at 11pm at night? With online courses, you can start anytime, and study at your own pace — 24/7, from anywhere with internet access.

Immediate Feedback

Remember how nerve racking it was after a quiz or exam to wait until the next class before you found out how you did? There’s no waiting when it comes to eLearning. Quizzes, exams and homework assignments are automatically graded. The Income Tax School goes a step further and provides instructional feedback to explain the right answers when wrong answers are picked.

Convenience and Comfort

You don’t have to leave your home to study. No getting up early to prepare for a morning class or staying out late for an evening class. No crowded classrooms or uncomfortable chairs that leave you with back pain at the end of the day. Sitting at a desk is optional – you can even study while relaxing in your bedroom or sitting in your favorite easy chair! Or head to your favorite coffee shop or your community library to get in a few hours of study time. There is a long list of conveniences.


Aside from the course material, The Income Tax School offers a student resource center with valuable information and Q&As. We also have a Career Center with links to job opportunities as well as a Student Forum for interaction with other students.

Responsive Instructor Support

For most traditional classrooms, if you need help from the instructor you’ve got to schedule a time or come by during “office hours”. Our instructors are always available by email to answer questions and generally reply within 24 hours during normal business hours. Phone support can also be arranged. Students give our instructors top grades – Read Testimonials.

Cost Savings

There are many savings to eLearning! You’ll save money on gas and tolls by not incurring the expense to drive or take public transportation to a classroom location. Online tuition is also significantly lower than typical live classes. The student text is also online, so it’s not necessary to buy expensive textbooks. However, a hard copy of the student text may be purchased for a very affordable price, which provides convenience and a future reference.

Earn Prestigious Credentials

Online courses look great on your resume. You can earn prestigious tax credentials such as the Chartered Tax Professional (CTP). You can even start with just our beginner, Comprehensive Tax Course, or Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC), with the option to upgrade later.

A framed certificate is also provided for you to display on your office wall. The CTP program provides a perfect pathway if you’re considering preparing for the coveted IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) credential. Your clients will have more confidence in you and you will stand out from your competitors who lack credentials.

With all of these great advantages, you can’t go wrong with an eLearning option! If you’re looking for tax preparation education, The Income Tax School is not only an approved provider, but our students love us!