Trying to be Too Self-Sufficient isn’t Very Efficient

I’ve discussed this in a previous post, but I really like to figure things out myself.  If I get stuck on a problem, I am the kind of person that will start over from scratch 12 times before giving in and asking for help.  Some of it is pride, since I like the satisfaction and confidence boost that comes from solving things myself. But some of it is just plain stubbornness. No matter how much trouble I am having with a particular problem, there is a part of me that feels like I am completely capable of getting it done on my own. While this can be a good trait at times, it can also end up wasting a lot of time that didn’t have to be wasted.  Self study courses are convenient and flexible, but part of the cost is that you have to be the one to open the channels of communication when necessary.  In a classroom, there is more immediate and natural feedback since you are in regular contact with classmates and teachers.  With self study, you have to be willing to take advantage of all the great resources that are available such as the forums and teachers.