California CTEC Continuing Education Requirements and Renewal Information

Surgent Income Tax School is a CTEC approved continuing education provider for maintaining your CRTP license

CTEC Renewal Registration Information

Renewal registration and CE must be completed annually by October 31 to maintain CRTP status.

To renew your CTEC registration, all CRTPs must:

  • Complete 20-hours of continuing tax education by October 31st each year
    • 10-hrs fed tax law
    • 3-hrs fed tax update
    • 2-hrs Ethics
    • 5-hrs CA state
  • Maintain a $5,000 tax preparer bond
  • Ensure Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is valid
  • Renew your CTEC registration on-time by October 31st

We offer the following California CE options:

Bundle the Two Packages Below to Meet Your CTEC CE Requirement

10-Hour CA CTEC Package

  • 5-hr – California 5-Hour CE Course
  • 3-hr – Federal Tax Law Updates Course
  • 2-hr – Ethics Course

10-Hour Federal CE Package

  • 3-hr Self-Employment Income CE Course
  • 3-hr Depreciation and Disposition of Business Property CE Course
  • 2-hr Rental Property CE Course
  • 2-hr Capital Gains and Losses CE Course

*Be sure to add both Federal & CA CTEC Packages to your cart to meet CE requirement.*

Create Your Own 20-Hr CE Package to Meet Your CTEC Requirement

Package includes the following 3 courses, plus additional federal seminars of your choice:

  • 5-hr – California 5-Hour CE Course
  • 3-hr – Federal Tax Law Updates Course
  • 2-hr – Ethics Course
  • Plus, 10 hrs of additional topics of your choice in Federal Tax Law

Our most popular CA continuing education courses & seminars include:

Additional continuing education options:

Please Note:

  • Surgent ITS students should complete CTEC CE by 10/21 each year to ensure timely reporting in order to meet the 10/31 CTEC renewal deadline.
  • CTEC students are responsible for verifying their own credits through their CTEC account before 10/21 to ensure complete and timely reporting of their CE before the 10/31 CTEC renewal deadline.
  • Surgent Income Tax School will do its best to request PTIN and CTEC numbers from Surgent ITS students, but it is the student’s responsibility to provide them to Surgent ITS School Administrators to ensure timely CE reporting.
  • Surgent Income Tax School is not liable for any delays caused by the website or the student’s failure to comply with the above requested actions.
  • CTEC does offer late renewal for an additional fee, in which case Surgent ITS students must complete CTEC CE by 1/5 of each year to meet the 1/15 CTEC late renewal deadline.

CTEC Late Renewal Registration Information

If you happen to miss the on-time renewal deadline, the guidance for the late renewal CRTP registration is as follows:

  • The late renewal deadline is January 15 each year.
  • In addition to the renewal fee of $33, there is a $55 late renewal fee for a total of $88 (The late fee will not be waived.)
  • If the CRTP doesn’t meet the late renewal deadline, they will be required to:
    • Complete a 60-hour qualifying education course
    • Undergo a background check
      • They cannot practice tax preparation until they successfully complete their education and the background check
        • If they choose to practice without renewing their registration they face a $2,500 (up to $5,000) fine.

For more information about CTEC: