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Please note: Seminars with an *asterisk are approved for Enrolled Agent CE.

All CE seminars below are 3 credit hours unless otherwise stated.


Learn how to explain which annual information return (form type) should be filed: 990- N, 990-EZ, or 990. Understand how to calculate various parts of the tax return including income and expenses and determine when schedules is required. Determine which schedules are necessary by applying the various IRC Sections.

Affordable Care Act*

Learn how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will change tax preparation for your clients, individuals and businesses. Discover new forms associated with ACA and when those forms are required. Understand the requirements for individual taxpayers and the responsibilities of business owners. Identify the types of questions you will need to ask as a tax preparer.

Alternative Minimum Tax, Injured and Innocent Spouse, Less Common Credits, and Penalties

Learn to discuss applicability of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) to taxpayers, understand and determine who’s considered an innocent spouse and who’s considered an injured spouse. Be able to summarize other types of less common credits such as the general business credit, the tax on undistributed capital gains, and the credit for federal tax paid on fuels. Student will be able to describe civil and criminal penalties applicable to taxpayers who do not comply with income tax laws.

Amended Returns* (2-hours – $29)

Explore amended returns. Covered topics will include common reasons for amendments, statute of limitation when claiming a refund, 1040X preparation, fees for amended returns, and state income tax return amendments.

At Risk Rules and Passive Activities*

Learn at-risk rules, passive activities, passive activity income, and passive activity deductions. Also learn about rental real estate activities and material participation.

Business Income, Expenses, and Basis* (2-hours – $29)

Learn how to explain various types of income and their sources, understand how to calculate the cost of goods sold, be able to calculate the basis and adjusted basis of assets. Plus so much more!

Business Organization* (2-hours – $29)

Learn to identify the best choice of business entity for a client. Understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the different business entities, plus so much more.

CA Business Tax Returns (5-hour CA state course)

Learn about California Tax Law Updates, California Residency, California Community Property, California Credits, Retirement and Other Income, California Depreciation, Rental Property, and California Business Entities. **Not included in 1 yr Unlimited Plan.**


Study the various types of expenses related to clergy income and the forms necessary to deduct the expenses.

Corporations (Basic)*

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of selecting C-corporation as the form of business entity. Learn to value inventory. Understand the various forms of stock a corporation may issue. Plus much more.

Corporations (Intermediate)*

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of selecting C-corporation as the form of business entity. Learn to value inventory. Understand the various forms of stock a corporation may issue. Plus much more.

Corporation Advanced (Issues)*

Learn all about the issues of a Corporation. Learn about the rights of stockholders, different classes of stock, and voting rights. Learn to calculate required estimated tax payments under each acceptable IRS method. Recognize the importance of disclosure statements and demonstrate when they are required. Plus, so much more!

Depreciation (2-hours – $29) 

Learn to identify the terminology unique to dispositions of business property, be able to discuss the changes in accounting necessary when business usage of depreciable property drops to 50% or below, know where and how to report the gain or loss on the sale of property. Plus so much more.


Classify the different types of property eligible for depreciation, differentiate between various depreciation methods, describe how repairs and replacements affect the basis of property, plus so much more.

Earned Income Tax Credit*  (2 hours – $29)

Get the most up-to-date information on the Earned Income Tax Credit. Learn about requirements, qualifying children, rules for foster children, and so much more!

Employee Business Expense*

Learn which employee business expenses are deductible, when they are allowed, understand employer reimbursements, accountable and non-accountable plans, and so much more!

Employment Taxes*

Explore employment taxes and withholding issues for independent contractors and statutory employees. Review earned income tax credit. Form 941, Form 940, and tax deposits will be introduced.

Ethics & Responsibilities of Tax Professionals* (2 hours – $29)

Upon completion of this course you will be able to describe professional responsibilities in tax return preparation, determine the actions necessary to maintain client confidentiality and identify the requirements to practice before the IRS.

Fringe Benefits, Business Tax Credits & Amendments*

Understand the reporting requirements and taxation rules for various types of fringe benefits. Learn the special requirements for partners, shareholders, and highly compensated employees that apply to the different types of fringe benefits. Plus, so much more.

Identity Theft* (1 hour – $19)

This seminar covers identity theft, how it happens, to whom it happens and what we can do to help prevent it from happening. The seminar speaks about tax identity theft, in particular, the warning signs that a taxpayer may have become a victim, what to do if the taxpayer becomes a victim and how prevent becoming a victim. The seminar also covers creating a secure tax office, PTIN and EFIN theft.


Study the various types of investments, how to handle losses and more.

Net Operating Losses* (2-hours – $29)

Learn rules about net operating losses, become more familiar with when it may be necessary to use an NOL, and learn how to complete an NOL calculation.

Non-resident Alien Returns – Form 1040NR*

Learn the difference between a non-resident alien and a resident alien. Discover when to use Form 1040NR and when Form 1040 is more appropriate. Explore tax treaties with other countries, filing requirements, credits, deductions and exemptions.

Partnerships (Basic)*

Learn about developing a partnership, advantages and disadvantages of becoming one, maintaining records and how partners pay taxes on their share of income.

Partnership (Intermediate)*

Learn to define the types of partnerships and be able to explain the differences between each of them. Learn about the factors involved in the determination of the existence of a bona fide partnership and when the partnership is terminated. Be able to describe the sections of the Articles of Partnership and the importance of this document to the success of the partnership. Plus much more!

Partnerships (Advanced)*

Learn to calculate the basis of property contributed to the partnership. Be able to identify the necessity to complete IRS Form 8275. Be able to explain some common partnership elections and demonstrate when it is beneficial for the partnership to make a Section 754 election. Plus much more!

Rental Property* (6 hours – $69)

Learn what constitutes rental property, what expenses are deductible, and how to handle sales of rental property.

Responding to the IRS*

Given the choice most taxpayers would rather not deal directly with the IRS. This is where you step in with the knowledge you will gain to assist your taxpayer. Learn how to handle IRS letters which request information or explanations. Gain knowledge in handling audit issues and complex collection issues. Learn about offers-in compromise.

Retirement Plans*

Learn the different types of retirement plans, and the tax treatment of distributions received.

Schedule C* (6-hours – $69)

Learn about developing a sole proprietorship, advantages and disadvantages of being one, maintaining records, inventory, costs of goods sold, and so much more!

Schedule D Special Issues*

Learn how to assist your client with wash sales, puts and calls, employee stock options, like-kind exchanges, the sale of a personal residence, the sale of business property, capital loss carryovers and more.


Learn the differences in choosing to become an S-Corporation instead of a corporation, advantages and disadvantages of making the S-election, maintaining records, how to make an S-election and how shareholders report and pay taxes on their share of income from the S-Corporation.

S-Corporations (Advanced)*

Learn about taxation issues unique to S corporations. Understand the importance of reasonable compensation. Learn procedures for making an S election and the relief available to taxpayer’s making a late election. Learn how to track shareholder stock basis, the ordering rules for distributions, deductions and losses. Plus much more.

Seniors Special Needs & Concerns*

Concentrate on issues that affect senior citizens such as required minimum distributions from IRAs, taxable social security, estimated tax payments, and so much more.

Sole Proprietorship*

Describe the sole proprietorship and record-keeping requirements for a sole proprietorship. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the business use of a home. Determine when to elect the Section 179 Deduction. Travel, Meals and Entertainment Expenses. General Business Credits.

Tax Issues for Divorced or Separated Taxpayers*

Concentrate on tax issues surrounding a separated or divorced taxpayer such as exemptions for children, itemized deductions, credits, filing status, community property issues, alimony, and child support. You will also learn how to handle asset transfers, qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) and adjustments to income.

Tax Issues for High Income Taxpayers*

Explore tax issues high income taxpayers face such as Alternative Minimum Tax, limitations on itemized deductions, IRA contributions, exemptions, deductible credits,adjustments to income, and more!

Tax Law Updates*

With this seminar you will gain an understanding of new or changed tax laws.

Tax Planning, Savings Strategies, and Updates*

Learn how to help your client save valuable tax dollars by offering tax planning tips and strategies. Discover how a contribution to an IRA may lower your client’s tax liability. Help your client determine if he is utilizing the deductions and credits to which he is entitled.

Tax Practitioner Regs / Penalties, & Tax Research*

Understand who is able to fully represent taxpayers before the IRS. Learn what constitutes proper disclosure of tax positions. Learn helpful procedures for tax research projects. Plus so much more.


Learn common types of trusts, when it is necessary to file a trust return, how to file a return, what an abusive trust is, what penalties are involved in trusts, how to prepare a trust return, and how to prepare the beneficiaries’ K-1s.

Understanding Financial Reporting (2 hour – $29)*

Learn to identify the different accounts in the general ledger, be able to recognize potential problems from their balances, and be able to calculate common financial ratios. Plus much more.