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Upon successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to:

Tax Law Updates:

  • Gain an understanding of new or changed tax laws.
  • Learn to determine if a new or changed tax law affects your taxpayer(s)
  • Understand how to apply these new or changes tax laws


  • Be able to describe professional responsibilities in tax return preparation
  • Learn the actions necessary to maintain client confidentiality
  • Understand the requirements to practice before the IRS
  • Publication 470 and Circular 230 are covered
  • Practice scenarios included to provide situations and possible practical resolutions

Product Description

Course Features:

  • 2023/2024 Federal Tax Law Updates & 2024 Ethics
  • Online, self-paced study
  • Reading and Reference Materials
  • Learning Activities
  • Real world examples and applications
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Instructor support by email
  • Automatic online grading with feedback
  • 6 hours of credit for Continuing Education (CE)
    • Also qualifies for Enrolled Agent (EA) CE
  • PDF downloads for reading materials
  • Free Tax Law Updates as they become available
  • Access to course material for up to one year upon purchase
  • Certificate of Completion emailed to students with a passing grade of 70% or higher

*Despite being registered as a 4-credit hour course with the IRS, the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) does not allow CTEC Registered Tax Preparers (CRTPs) to receive more than 3-credit hours for a Federal Tax Law Updates course. California CRTPs will receive 3-credit hours for Federal Tax Law Updates, and thus 5-credit hours for this package total.

Prior tax preparation experience/knowledge is suggested. This course is not a webinar. Upon purchase, you will receive login credentials and may start your course right away.

Note: The IRS requires you to complete with a passing score by 12/31 each year in order to be accepted. Surgent Income Tax School strongly recommends you finish all courses before 12/27 at 1pm EST so we can provide proper Administrative and Course support. Surgent Income Tax School will report all credit hours and completed certificates to the IRS and/or CTEC (for California preparers) within 10 days of completion.


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How does The Income Tax School compare to other tax schools?

We cannot comment on the courses offered by other tax schools. However, we can tell you how our courses differ from many of our competitors. The Income Tax School (ITS) curriculum developers and instructors are all experienced and practicing tax professionals, which ensures that our courses provide practical knowledge that can be applied by graduates in their tax practices. ITS is certified by the State Council of Education for Virginia (SCHEV) as a private career school and has been operating for more than 20 years (since 1989). Our founder and CEO has been a tax industry executive for more than 40 years and has managed hundreds of tax preparation offices employing thousands of tax preparers in several states. Our course content goes through rigorous editing processes and is high quality. In fact, ITS is ranked by TrendLists as the #1 site for online tax education.Back To Top

Where can I find information about the IRS Exam and where I can take the test?

Currently, the IRS does not have a mandatory program for tax preparers. The IRS does have a voluntary Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) for all unenrolled tax preparers. We recommend that all unenrolled tax preparers complete this program annually. You can learn more about the AFSP at the link below.

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When can I start the course?

Our income tax courses are all open enrollment. You can register and start the course as soon as you receive your login information and are ready. User logins are issued within 24 business hours.Back To Top

What does interactive mean?

Interactive courses include instructor support by email and automatic instructional feedback. All assignments and exams are graded instantly.Back To Top

What does online mean and how will I know how I am doing?

Online means via the Internet. With the online courses, students receive instant feedback on the accuracy of each homework assignment, quiz, and exam. Students must successfully pass each chapter (70% is passing) before they can move on to the next one. An average of 80% or better is required for the Chartered Tax Professional certificate program. When students have a question or comment, they have a direct link to send an e-mail to our instructor support. Instructors will respond within two business days – maximum.Back To Top

How much time do I have to complete a tax course? Is there a time frame that I need to finish each chapter or assignment?

All of our online tax courses are completely at your own pace. The term for courses over 45 hours is 6 months from date of registration. The term for courses from 31 – 45 hours is 4 months from date of registration. The term for courses up to 30 hours is 3 months from date of registration. The term for CE seminars of 6 hours or less is 1 month from the date of registration. The term for California CE courses is 3 months from the date of registration. For more than two 3-hour courses/seminars and up to five purchased at one time, we allow 3 months for completion from the date of registration. For six to ten 3-hour courses/seminars purchased at one time, we allow 4 months for completion from the date of registration. Students who do not finish the course within the allotted time frame may extend their term for a nominal reinstatement fee.Back To Top

How long will it take to complete a tax course?

You are able to set your own pace. We recommend that you complete at least one lesson per week, which would require ten weeks for each 10-lesson course. However, you could complete two lessons per week while also working full-time and finish each course in just 5 weeks. For our very popular 20-lesson Comprehensive Course, we recommend 2 lessons per week, so you may finish in 10 weeks. If your other commitments are less, you could finish even sooner.Back To Top

How much time should I allow for each online lesson?

The time spent on each chapter will vary however; you should expect to spend 5-6 hours per chapter to read the chapter and the reading assignment, to complete lesson problems, and to complete homework assignments.Back To Top

How many chapters should I complete a week?

With any course you take, we recommend that you complete 2 chapters per week; however, the course may be accelerated or more time can be taken if needed. You should try to complete at least one lesson per week.Back To Top

What if I need to exceed the time frame allowed to complete the course?

You may request an extension for another term for a nominal fee.Back To Top

Do I have to buy additional materials and/or books?

All tax course text material and required reference material is available online with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no additional cost. Purchasing a hard copy of the student text for an additional fee is optional since the chapter PDFs are available online for reading and/or printing. These materials (which include all necessary tax forms on CD for homework, quizzes, etc.) provide students the option to read offline. Hard copies save the students money and time by not having to print the text. For example, the COMPREHENSIVE textbooks have 4 modules with a total of more than 1,000 pages.

In addition, the textbook serves as a reference manual for future use when preparing tax returns. The online material will not be available after the course expiration date.

Any hard copy tax course materials will ship within 1 business day of your registration via UPS Ground or USPS. Alternative and international shipping methods are available for a fee. You must provide a physical street address, no P.O. Boxes.Back To Top

What do I need to have in order to take an online course, and what are the system requirements?

In order to take our online courses, you must have access to a computer and the Internet (high speed internet access is recommended). You can access the course contents from any web-enabled computer. You do not have to use the same computer to log-in to the course every time.The course works with Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. We recommend that you have the latest version of Firefox.Adobe Readeris required to view the online material from our tax school.Back To Top

What kind of support does Surgent Income Tax School provide?

  • Administrative Support: Accessibility issues, course extensions, program upgrades, resetting of passwords/courses/graded assignments, and more.
  • Course Support: Questions about course content.Back To Top

What is the actual response time to have questions answered by Surgent’s Support Team?

Our instructors respond to students on a first-come first-served basis and make every effort to respond within 24 hours. Two business days is the maximum response time.Back To Top

I just registered and got my user login. I am excited to get started but was wondering if you recommend I wait for my book?

You can wait if you want to; however, everything you need is available online. The book is a great tool to have while taking the course so you don’t have to print everything out. It is also a great reference after you finish the course. Feel free to start your course now and just download anything you need until your book comes. It should only be a few days.Back To Top

How can I be assured that no one will have access to my course information online?

Each Student is issued a unique username and password that is required to enter the secure area of the website where their student’s data is entered and stored.Back To Top

Will I be able to complete an online assignment more than once?

You will be allowed 2 attempts for chapter quizzes/tests and 1 attempt for final exams. You must successfully complete each section (70% is passing) before you are able to move on to the next one. An average of 80% or better is required to receive the Chartered Tax Professional designation.Back To Top

What happens if I am unable to complete my online assignment in one sitting?

If you are in the middle of a graded assignment, you can simply save your place and sign off (just be sureNOTto click “submit all and finish”). When you sign back in you will be able to click “Continue the Last Attempt” and you will be able to continue your graded assignment from exactly where you left off. To make things easier for our students, we recommend downloading the assignment and completing it offline. Then all a student has to do is input the correct answers online. This is particularly helpful for students with a dial-up connection.Back To Top

How will I be notified if there is a correction for my online course?

Corrections to your student text will be posted in the Updates & Corrections forum in each course, at the beginning of each chapter.Back To Top

What happens when I complete the course?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from The Income Tax School. You must obtain a final passing grade of 70% or greater to be awarded a certificate. An average of 80% or better is required for the Chartered Tax Professional certificate program.Back To Top

Once I complete the course how will I receive my certificate?

Once you complete your course, please click on the link within your course to request a certificate. Your certificate request will be processed and you will receive the certificate automatically via email. If you are in the CTP® program, your Chartered certificate will be issued after you have completed all courses with an average grade of 80% or more and have documented the 500 hours experience requirement to qualify for the CTP® designation.Back To Top

Do you report my Continuing Education credits to the IRS?

Yes, The Income Tax School is required to report CE completions for the first 3 quarters of the calendar yearonce per quarter.

  • CE courses completed January 1- March 30- reported March 31
  • CE courses completed April 1- June 29- reported June 30
  • CE courses completed July 1- September 29- reported September 30
  • Beginning October 1st, The Income Tax School reports CE completion every 10 days through the end of the calendar year.

CTEC requires reporting every 10 days throughout the calendar year for both Continuing Education and Qualifying education. For Continuing Education, The Income Tax School reports daily in October, until October 31 at 11:59 PST.Back To Top

I heard the IRS is now regulating tax return preparers. What does that mean for people new to the industry and those already in the industry?

New regulations require all paid tax return preparers to obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). The cost to obtain your PTIN is $64.25. Beginning Fall 2011, people who do not already have a PTIN will need to pass a competency test and background check. If you have already registered for your PTIN before the exam is available, you will have until December 31, 2013 to pass the IRS basic test of competency. Once you pass the exam, you will become an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP). Exception if you are an attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent (and are active and in good standing with your licensing agency) you are exempt from the test requirement.Beginning 2012, the IRS will require 15 hours of continuing education for all registered Tax Preparers. Exception if you are an attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent (and are active and in good standing with your licensing agency) you are exempt from the continuing education requirement. These professional accreditations generally already have continuing education requirements. The annual CE for Registered Tax Return Preparers must include:

  • 10 hours of federal income tax law
  • 3 hours of federal income tax law update
  • 2 hours of ethics

Our Comprehensive Tax Course provides the educational foundation necessary to successfully pass the IRS Competency Exam (Wage and Non-business Income Form 1040 Examination). This course will enable you to prepare individual tax returns for the general public, including individual taxpayers who operate sole-proprietor businesses. At the completion of the course, you will be able to complete most individual non-business and small business (self-employed/Schedule C) tax returns and research tax issues. Included with the Comprehensive Course are Free IRS RTRP Exam practice questions to help you successfully pass the IRS Exam.Back To Top

Do the 3-hour seminars have a quiz or test at the end?

Our 3-hour seminars have 15 questions and a learning activity that need to be completed. The learning activity usually has questions that follow. The questions are related to the forms or exercises completed in the learning activity.Back To Top

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy below is applicable only for courses students purchase directly from Surgent Income Tax School. Students who purchase any courses through third-party schools or other organizations must address all refund issues with the entity through which they made that purchase.

Please note: Operator’s Starter Kit, License Renewal, Tax Practice Management Manuals (Marketing, Operations), Print/Hard Copy Books for Individual Course Purchase, the Guide to Start and Grow Your Successful Tax Business, and the two Business Start-up Guides are non-refundable.

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its really helpful and i am trying my best but i am with difficult situation in
managing the time. Otherwise, course found to be very great

Jasmine D. (Arlington, TX, US)

FREE TRIAL: Comprehensive Tax Course

Darlene H. (Kirkwood, PA, US)

Comprehensive Tax Course

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The Course is written very well. The subject material is explained in great detail! My personal concern is that I'm dislexic and it is taking me longer to read through than the projected time of the course.
On another note, the support department is absolutely phenomenal and very quick to respond. I know I'll get through it with their exceptional help and my commitment to complete the Course!