Everyone Can Benefit From Going Back to School

The kids are about to go back to school, why not join them? No, you can’t go to school with your kids, buttax education you can further your education and grow as a tax preparer. Expanding on your tax knowledge is beneficial to your clients, yourself, and your business if you are a business owner. Here are some great ways to increase your knowledge this fall.

For Current Tax Preparers

Now is a great time to learn something new to help your clients in the coming year. Whether it’s a new form so you can expand your offerings, a new type of tax law, or a topic you just need to learn more about, enrolling in Continuing Education will expand your knowledge and help you earn more money. Plus, you’ll want to make sure you meet your CE requirements before the season gets here.

You may also want to pursue a certificate to give yourself more credibility as a tax preparer. Whether it’s the IRS AFSP program, pursuing your Enrolled Agent status or considering one of our Chartered Tax Certificate Programs, now is a great time to get that certificate up on your wall.

Get into Tax Preparation Before Tax Season

If you’re looking to get into tax preparation, now is the time to get the education under your belt. The Income Tax School’s Comprehensive Tax Course can be completed in as little as 10 weeks and will get you ready to prepare taxes for the general public. If you are really gung ho about learning taxes, consider one of our Chartered Tax Certificate Programs and be ready to offer a slew of tax services to clients come tax season.

Tax Business Owners 


If you are thinking about going out on your own, or you already have a tax business established, now is the time to get some business strategies under your belt. Our Tax Practice Management Manuals are great for established or new tax business owners and will help you learn the business secrets that National tax firms use to fuel growth. From marketing to day-to-day operations, our manuals are the “how-to” guides of running and growing a tax business.

Everyone can benefit from going back to school. What are you waiting for?