How One Blog Post Generated Thousands of Hits


Last year we wrote a blog post on the Peoples Tax blog (our sister tax preparation company) with line by line explanations on filling out a W4. Each month, no matter what we write about, this blog is the most visited page on our website. In fact, since we posted it in March of 2016, it has received 7,704 visits!

This blog is just a testament to how unsure people are about their tax situation. Sometimes questions that seem the most basic to us, are the very same questions our clients are asking. As a tax professional, it just goes to show that:

  1. No matter what, there will always be taxpayers who need our guidance.
  2. You should not only be blogging, you should answering these popular questions on your blog!

Generally speaking, when people need an answer to their question, the first place they go is the internet. Our traffic to this blog post is overwhelmingly coming from Google searches. So, how can you have the same success? Do your research to uncover the big questions your target audience is asking and write about it.

You can do that a few ways:

  1. Ask clients, contacts, LinkedIn Group members, or your social media followers.
  2. Research what taxpayers are asking in online forums like or Quora.
  3. Check out tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or BuzzSumo.

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website and establish your voice as a subject matter expert. For more on blogging, check out these posts:

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