AFSP 15-Hour Package for Exempt Preparers (Textbook Format)


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The IRS deadline for completion of this course is 12/31! If you do not complete all course material and requirements by midnight on 12/31/2021 your credits will not count toward 2022.

This package includes all the course material that exempt preparers need to fulfill the 15-hour CE requirement for the IRS AFSP. Choose the online download format for easy PDF access, or the online download format + plus textbook format to also have a hard copy of materials shipped to you. Non-Exempt tax preparers may need 18 credit hours to meet the same requirement. To see whether you are exempt, click here.

This bundle is unavailable after the 12/31 deadline has passed. Please check back in July when the IRS releases AFSP for the new year!

Product Description

This 15-hour package includes:

  • Selected Issues in Preparation of 1040 Individual Income Tax Returns (SIPI) – 10 hrs, Federal Tax Law (IRS Provider #: QDEJK-T-01736-21-S)
  • 2021 Tax Update (IRSU) – 3 hrs, Federal Tax Law Update (IRS Provider #: QDEJK-U-01733-21-S)
  • General Ethics for Tax Practitioners (ETX1) – 2 hrs, Ethics (IRS Provider #: QDEJK-E-01735-21-S)

To earn the 2022 AFSP Record of Completion, exempt preparers must complete the following by Dec. 31, 2021

  • Earn 15 hours of IRS-approved continuing education:
    • 3 hours of federal tax law update
    • 10 hours of federal tax law topics
    • 2 hours of ethics
  • Obtain/renew a valid PTIN for the 2022 filing season
  • Consent to Circular 230 practice requirements

Upon ordering, you will receive an email from Surgent CPE to create your learning account, and then you can begin your course right away.  These courses are not webinars, so you can access the course content at any time and work at your own pace.

Note: The IRS requires you to complete your AFTR course and test, as well as all other required CE associated with the AFSP Record of Completion,  by midnight (local time) on 12/31 each year in order to receive credit. Surgent Income Tax School strongly recommends you finish all AFSP required courses before 12/27 at 1pm EST so we can provide proper Administrative and Course support. Courses completed prior to midnight on 12/31 will be reported to the IRS within 10 days of completion.

I cannot find the AFSP package/ AFTR course in my Surgent Income Tax School online account.

  • Where is it located? The AFTR Course and AFSP packages are found on our SurgentCPE website.
  • Are you new to SurgentCPE? Click here to create an account.  Your username should be the same as the email address used when purchasing your course(s).
  • Do you already have a SurgentCPE account?  Visit SurgentCPE, click “Login” at the top right of the screen and enter your username and password. If you do not remember your password, press the “Forgot?” button to receive a password reset email.
  • Once logged in, the page will refresh to display your account menu on the left side. Your course(s) will be located under the “My Packages” tab.
  • If you are ordering during a PRESALE EVENT, please note that your course(s) may not be available at this time. We will send you an email update when the courses are live, and the package will be automatically loaded into your SurgentCPE account for you to begin. 

Can I pick and choose the 10 hours of Federal CE seminars from the ITS website?

  • You have the option to purchase only the AFTR course and then choose 10 hours of Federal CE. However, if you choose a 15-hour or 18-hour AFSP package, the courses are already set.
    The following options are available: 
      • 10 hours of Federal CE 
      • 3 hours of Tax Law Updates 
      • 2 hours of Ethics 
      • AFTR 6-hour course 
      • 10 hours of Federal CE 
      • 2 hours of Ethics 

What are my options if I need less than 10 hours of CE or the Ethics course only? 

How many attempts will I receive on the AFTR exam? 

  • You are allowed 4 attempts to successfully complete the AFTR exam. 

How many attempts will I receive on the 10 hours of Federal CE and/or 2 hours of ethics?   

  • If you purchase Surgent CE, you will receive unlimited attempts to pass your CE.   

How will I activate this Surgent CPE product after purchase on the Surgent Income Tax School website? 

  • You will receive an email with login credentials from SurgentCPE. 

What topics are included in the Surgent CE 10 hours of Federal CE?  

  • Individual Income Tax Return Preparation for the Non-Credentialed Tax Preparer (IITP)
    • Filing Information, Filing Status, and Standard Deduction  
    • Exemptions and Income  
    • Credits, Withholding, Estimated Tax, and Basic Return Preparation 
    • Capital Gains and Losses  
    • Itemized Deductions  
  • Selected Issues in Preparation of 1040 Individual Income Tax Returns (SIPI)  
    • Business Income and Expenses  
    • IRAs, Qualified Retirement Plans, and Social Security Benefits  
    • Depreciation and Recapture  
    • Rental Income and Expenses, and Miscellaneous Taxable Income  
    • Alternative Minimum Tax  
    • Casualty Losses, Moving Expenses, Sale of Home, Alimony, and Penalties  

What other options are available if I don’t want to study the CE topics listed above? 

Who will report my CE completion for courses taken through SurgentCPE? 

  • Surgent will report CE completions for the AFTR course and AFSP bundles.  If you choose to use a different Education Provider for Federal CE or Ethics, that Provider will be responsible for reporting your CE to the IRS. 

How long after I complete the Federal and Ethics CE and/or AFTR will my CE be reported? 

  • Providers of IRS CE must report CE completions as follows: 
    • Quarterly from January 1st through September 30th: 
      • March 31st 
      • June 30th 
      • September 30th  
    • Beginning October 1st through December 31st: 
      • Within 10 business days of the completion of each program 
  •  IRS CE is reported through a 3rd party vendor.  CE usually appears in the student’s PTIN account within 24-48 hours.  As we near the last quarter of the year and CE reporting increases it may take longer for CE to appear in the student’s PTIN account.  

Who do I contact if I have academic questions about the product? 

  • The IRS does not allow us to assist students with the AFTR course. We are not allowed to provide the student with any of the following: 
    • Guidance in answering questions. 
    • Clarification of subject matter. 
    • A list of incorrectly answered questions. 
    • Answers to incorrectly answered questions. 
    • A copy of the exam or answer keys. 
  • Unlimited attempts are allowed to complete 10-hour Federal CE and Ethics course exams; therefore, academic support is not offered for the Federal and Ethics CE.   
  • If you have technical questions or need to report a possible error, we are happy to assist.  General questions should be emailed to: 

If I exhaust all attempts and do not pass one or all portions of the AFSP package, what are my options? 

  • The AFTR exam allows 4 attempts.  If a student does not pass the exam after 4 attempts, there are no other options to continue with SurgentCPE for the AFTR course.  We cannot reset an exam to allow another attempt. 
  • The 10-hour Federal CE and Ethics course allows unlimited attempts to complete the exams. 





Refund Policy

The Refund Policy below is applicable only for courses students purchase directly from Surgent Income Tax School. Students who purchase any courses through third-party schools or other organizations must address all refund issues with the entity through which they made that purchase.

Please note: Operator’s Starter Kit, License Renewal, Tax Practice Management Manuals (Marketing, Operations), Print/Hard Copy Books for Individual Course Purchase, the Guide to Start and Grow Your Successful Tax Business, and the two Business Start-up Guides are non-refundable.

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Dhan R. (Aurora, IL, US)
found great

its really helpful and i am trying my best but i am with difficult situation in
managing the time. Otherwise, course found to be very great

Jasmine D. (Arlington, TX, US)

FREE TRIAL: Comprehensive Tax Course

Darlene H. (Kirkwood, PA, US)

Comprehensive Tax Course

Curtis S. (Dallas, TX, US)

Love the course

Catherine W. (Riverside, CA, US)
The Course

The Course is written very well. The subject material is explained in great detail! My personal concern is that I'm dislexic and it is taking me longer to read through than the projected time of the course.
On another note, the support department is absolutely phenomenal and very quick to respond. I know I'll get through it with their exceptional help and my commitment to complete the Course!

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